My name is Mike and I have a problem. I started counting Mini special editions in September and now I can’t stop. Last week the Seaside Edition (number 70) was announced. Since it’s the sixth Mini special edition of 2022, there appears to be no end to this madness in sight.

According to Mini’s Special Edition website, which needs to be updated with the latest handful—who can keep up?—there have been 70 special editions since 1976. This year we’ve been on a bit of a special-edition bender with the Countryman Untamed, Clubman Untold, the Clubman Resolute, the Pat Moss Edition, the Multitone Edition, the 20 Years Edition, and now the Seaside Edition.

Mini paints a nice picture in their Seaside Edition press release: “Waves rolling gently onto the beach and the endless horizon in view—a day at the seaside offers refreshingly expansive perspectives and a feeling of freedom.” The Seaside Edition marks 30 years of the convertible four-seater and, according to Mini, comes with “exclusive equipment and design features.” Design features like the choice of Caribbean Aqua or Nanuq White paint.

Parallel white stripes, which is not a cover band, run from the side doors to the rear of the vehicle. The “Seaside” name and number 30, which refers to the model’s anniversary, can be found throughout the exterior on places like the side scuttles and front apron. The interior receives similar cosmetic treatments, with parallel white stripes and “Seaside” badging reminding you of calm, seaside vibes.

The Seaside Edition comes in Cooper and Cooper S flavors and will be available in February 2023. Perhaps the Seaside Edition will be followed up with the Hurricane Edition, or the Perfect Storm Edition, or the White Squall Edition. One thing is for certain: Number 71 is right around the corner.—Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of Mini.]



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