In July of 2021, Mini introduced the Multitone roof as an option for the Mini 3 door, 5 door, and Clubman. What is Multitone? Mini describes it as “an innovative wet-on-wet painting process used by the British Mini plant in Oxford to create a three-color design for the vehicle roof.” Because the paint is still wet while applying the next color, there are slight deviations in the pattern making each Multitone roof unique. For the 2021 Multitone roof option, Mini’s color palette consisted of dark San Marino Blue in the front section, which transitioned to a lighter shade of Pearly Aqua, then to Jet Black in the rear section. This roof option could be had in tandem with any Mini factory body color.

The 2021 Mini 3 and 5 door with Multitone roof option.

With its visually segmented design, the Mini’s roof has always been a place for personalization and customization, both for Mini and the ownership community. Mini has offered numerous factory designs such as the Union Jack, the checkered pattern, and designs by commissioned artists, just to name a few. Mini actually launched a Roof Designer website in 2007, which allowed consumers to design their own roof art, order it, and have it applied at a dealership. The Mini Roof Designer longer appears to be offered, but with modern vinyl wrapping the aftermarket provides a similar service with infinite design options.

The special Multitone Edition Minis.

Just over a year after offering the Multitone roof option, Mini is launching a new special Multitone Edition for the same trio of vehicles that had the Multitone roof option in 2021–the 3 door, 5 door, and Clubman. For the 2022 Multitone Edition, the roof’s colors transition from light Aspen White in the front section, to Melting Silver II, to a familiar Jet Black in the rear section. In addition to the multi-color fade, there is an abstract, white rainbow on the roof which Mini says represents diversity and positive attitude. The white rainbow theme is carried throughout the Multitone Edition’s design, with this design element appearing on the door sills, floor mats, dashboard, sun visors, and special badging on the C-pillar, steering wheel, and key cap. The special edition comes in two body colors–Sage Green for the 3 and 5 door models, Indian Summer Red for the Clubman.

The Multitone Edition is the latest addition to a long list of special-edition Minis which range from unique artistic designs to wild high-performance builds. According to Mini’s Special Edition website, there have been 67 special editions since 1976, making the Multitone Edition number 68. The first being the Mini Limited Edition 1000 known as “Stripey” in 1976, and the most recent being a hat trick of the Countryman Untamed, Clubman Untold, and the Clubman Resolute earlier this year. —Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of Mini.]



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