Most enthusiasts are familiar with car-selling sites, from AutoTrader to Bring a Trailer, a site which has morphed from a collection of interesting references to other sites into a significant auction venue itself. But there are also other ways to display your car—or cars, plural—on the Interwebs, sharing your virtual garage with friends and fellow enthusiasts, offering cars for sale, or even putting them up for auction. BMW CCA has joined Collector Chassis to provide a new online platform for enthusiasts, hobbyists, and collectors to showcase, spectate, buy and sell vintage, classic and special interest vehicles. Now BMW CCA members have an exclusive portal to the platform as an extension of the club website—accessible with a single log-in.

Founded by long-time BMW CCA member Will Sellenraad, the Collector Chassis website is designed for fellow gearheads to share their passion and nostalgia. In addition to online auctions and listings of cool and unique vehicles, the site also includes members’ stories of automotive adventures and restorations. “Every car has a story and a special place in our lives,” says Sellenraad, “and Collector Chassis gives BMW CCA members a place to showcase that passion.”

Check out members’ collections and read their stories! Members can create their own “Collection” pages, showcase their cars and sharing stories with fellow members. (Well, you can, maybe; at this point I have plenty of stories, but I’m down to one BMW and two Minis!) You can comment, rate, like, or just explore other members collections. Want to buy something new to drive, or sell one of your cars? The site offers general listings as well as an auction format.

You can get started on the site by adding your own content—I’m thinking of setting up the Garage of Cars Satch Used to Own, if there’s enough bandwidth. As new features become available as we fine-tune the partnership, we’ll start throwing a Collector Chassis Showcase on selected cars and great collector stories, along with profiles of classic and enthusiast-car sellers and independent shops. We’ll conduct member forums, let you know where to find a local Cars & Coffee event, and much more—the goal is to make Collector Chassis an online community extension for BMW CCA members to showcase their cars, buy and sell, become interactive, meet new people, and have some fun!—Satch Carlson



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