7 for 7 swap program

BMW enthusiasts in South Korea who can’t wait to get their hands on the new luxury 7-Series G70 can lease a current model and “swap” it for a new one later. While not quite a luxury-car “subscription,” the “7 for 7” program seeks to satisfy those eager for that 7-series swagger and lock them into BMW’s flagship fun.

The new 7’s global launch is in November 2022, meaning buyers won’t be grabbing those premium leather-wrapped steering wheels until 2023. For buyers who can’t wait, BMW will lease them a current model 7-series for 24 months which they can later choose to “swap” for the next gen 7 when available.

The new 7 series will launch in six-cylinder 740i and V-8 760i models, with a plug-in-hybrid 750e model coming. The all-electric i7 rounds out the flagship family, with an i7 M70 planned for 2024.

According to the program, BMW Financial Services in South Korea clients will pay 10 percent of the value of a current (G11/G12) 7 series and then make monthly payments through the two-year lease. Near the end of the contract, they’ll be given the option to transition to a new model with incentives.

So if you’re in South Korea and simply can’t wait to drive in 7-series style, get in one now with plans to upgrade later.



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