BMW Electrification

For 2025, BMW’s electric 3-series models will mark the first use of the company’s Neue Klasse battery electric vehicle (BEV) architecture. This modular platform will then be the foundation for several all-electric models in the company’s “middle car segment” of their portfolio, according to BMW CEO Oliver Zispe.

Zispe announced the debut of the BEV architecture during a Spring earnings call, “The Neue Klasse will also come with our new Gen6 drive train generation for the first time – with more output, new cell chemistry and new cell formats. The Neue Klasse will give sales of fully-electric vehicles a major boost.”

BMW aims to sell more than two million electric vehicles overall by 2025. This new architecture to improve production and capabilities of the new 3-series and middle-car electrics. “With its focus on electric, digital and circular, it (Neue Klasse) represents a quantum leap in technology,” Zipse stated. Other vehicle categories, such as the sports performance and high-end luxury models will have a different electric architecture.

All of this helps BMW work toward it’s strategic goal of increasing electric vehicle production. “By 2030, at least half our global deliveries should come from BEVs,” Zipse said. “And we are doing everything we can to meet this goal earlier.”

Increasing production of electrics will be complemented by BMW’s work to increase “closed loop” manufacturing, where recycled and recyclable materials are used to build cars.” The Neue Klasse will set new benchmarks for this: 50 percent of the raw materials used to build it will be recyclable,” Zipse stated. “Our goal is to create the most sustainable supply chain in the entire automotive industry.”





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