When the 2023 G87 M2 was introduced, it came with a list of available M Performance Parts right off the bat. These unique (and pricey) optional factory upgrades covered all aspects of the M2, from top to bottom, both inside and out. Being parts developed by BMW, M Performance Parts give owners peace of mind when making the choice to further personalize their M2 both aesthetically and mechanically.

A mix of carbon fiber and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic pieces offer a more aggressive exterior look, while adding some aerodynamic benefits. Starting at the front of the M2, a carbon fiber front splitter and intake trim flow into side skirt attachments. Carbon fiber mirror caps and side spats give the appearance of speed while the car is standing still. In the rear, multiple styles of carbon fiber trunk and roof-edge spoilers add downforce and add to the black on body color theme. Yet more carbon fiber in the form of a rear diffuser fits around a stock-style exhaust.

To completely change the look of the rear end, lose seventeen pounds of weight, and add some sound, a center-exit titanium M Performance exhaust, with custom M Performance rear diffuser, is available. This is one of the more pricey options at $5,500actually, hold that thought. Underneath the M2, an M Performance adjustable-height coilover suspension can lower the M2 up to 25 millimeters.

Adjustable coilover suspension from BMW.

The interior is given a more sinister appearance with an array of alcantara and carbon fiber trim parts and panels from the M Performance catalog. There are two optional steering wheels, one with a mix of alcantara and carbon fiber and one purely in carbon fiber.

BMW has added one more item to the list of M Performance options with centerlock wheels for the M2, M3, and M4. Normally reserved for race cars, one large center lug replaced five smaller bolts. Naturally, the wheels reduce weight and are available in nineteen-inch diameters for the front and twenties for the rear, wearing 275/35s and 285/30s respectively. As reported by The Drive, the center-locking wheels are not available to the US market right now. Additionally, “European customers who do order them will also be on the hook for the tools required to remove them, as that’s not included with the wheels themselves.⁠” At 12,000 euros ($13,133) for the wheels alone, it would be nice if the tool required to remove and install them was included. 

Centerlocks: one lug to rule them all.

With gift-giving holidays here and just around the corner, it might be time to start thinking of creative ways to wrap (and hide) four large regular (non-center-locking) wheels and tires. Or you could start small with some M Performance door locking pins and go from there.—Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of BMW.]




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