Just when you thought BMW was phasing out manual transmissions, they announce the 2024 Z4 M40i will be offered with row-your-own enjoyment. Like the GR Toyota Supra, which by now we all know is almost mechanically identical to the Z4 under the sheet metal, the 2024 Z4 will have an additional layer of theft prevention in the form of a six-speed-manual transmission. Did you just raise an eyebrow with interest? Me too.

As of now, the manual-equipped Z4 will only be available in M40i guise. It won’t be an à la carte option, as you’ll need to check the box for a specific performance package, which will also include an updated rear end, steering, and suspension—all geared for a sportier driving experience. The rumored price for all of this greatness is $3,500 over the $66,295 base price.

The same B58 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six in the current Z4 (and a number of other BMWs) will power the 2024 Z4 M40i. With 382 horsepower and 369 pound-feet, the eight-speed ZF-automatic-equipped Z4 M40i can run to 60 in under four seconds and hit the quarter mile in just over twelve. Being operated by human hands, the incoming manual version (also made by ZF) will be slower, but what you give up in performance on paper pays dividends in engagement and enjoyment.

The 2024 Z4 M40i with manual transmission will start hitting dealerships in the spring. For around $69,795, you can have the jack-of-all-trades performance-oriented Z4 roadster to enjoy birds chirping, flowers blooming, and corner carving. Now, if we could just get BMW to mass produce the BMW Concept Touring Coupe—with a manual transmission, of course. —Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of BMW.]



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