The 2024 model year brings a fury of updates to BMW Motorrad’s long-distance sport bike, the S 1000 XR. Additionally, the division completes a hat trick by introducing its third M model, the M 1000 XR.

Updates to the S 1000 XR consist of improved performance, better ergonomics, a fresh design, and more options. The 999cc inline-four cylinder, which is shared with the S 1000 R, has a five-horsepower bump thanks to updated intake runners and a new engine tune. This results in a total output of 170 horsepower at 11,000 rpm and 84 pound-feet at 9,250 rpm.

The seat has been redesigned for ergonomic purposes. BMW says, “[The new seat] now offers an extra 0.4 inches of seat height (33.5 inches) and provides more space by increasing the usable length and width of the seat, allowing for better adjustment of the seating position.”

Three new colors are available for the upcoming model year. Blackstorm Metallic 2 is standard, while Gravity Blue Metallic is available for Style Sport and Light White / M Motorsport comes with the M Package. New standard features include Headlight Pro, Keyless Ride, a 12ah capacity battery, a USB charging socket, and Intelligent Emergency Call. M bits, like the M Carbon wheels and the M GPS Laptrigger, are optional.

Speaking of M bits, the M 1000 XR takes things to a new level, with an emphasis on “sport” for the sport touring bike. BMW Motorrad explains, “The new 2024 M 1000 XR, the lightest and most powerful cross-over motorcycle in the world.” As you’d expect, the power increase is significant. BMW reports, “The new M XR uses the water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine adapted from the M RR. Its peak power is 201 horsepower at 12,750 rpm, 31 more than in the new 2024 S 1000 XR. The maximum torque of 83 pound-feet is reached at 11,000 rpm.”

The M motor revs higher too, with a redline of 14,600 rpm compared to the S model’s 12,000 rpm, which is made possible by titanium valves, a new valve spring assembly, narrower and lighter cam followers, and optimized camshafts. Improvements were also made getting that power to the pavement. Shorter second, fourth, fifth, and sixth gears, combined with a 47-tooth sprocket, result in more pulling power.

Naturally, the M XR comes with a number of M-specific, lightweight parts, such as M-specific wheels, a light-weight battery, and M brakes. Taking things even further, the optional M Competition Package includes M Carbon wheels and a plethora of M Carbon parts, an M rider footrest system, and the M GPS Laptrigger.

Both the S XR and M XR are expected to launch in Q2 of 2024. BMW has already set pricing—$17,495 plus destination for the S XR, $24,295 plus destination for the M XR. —Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of BMW.]



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