BMW Motorrad USA has announced the 2024 CE 02, an electric two-wheeler suited to do battle with the urban environment while appealing to the younger generation, or perhaps just the young at heart. With a purpose-built, bare-bones, and unique appearance, BMW says this “nimble, tough, and practical” machine isn’t an e-scooter or e-motorbike. They’ve classified it as an eParkourer.

Head of BMW Motorrad Design Edgar Heinrich discusses the new design and says, “With the CE 02, we are striving for something new at BMW Motorrad and want to be pioneers once again. Thanks to its unusual proportions and striking graphics, the new CE 02 is an uncomplicated, youthful form of single-track mobility. The reduced design language stands for lightness and fun. The focus is not on utility, but on emotional appeal, riding pleasure and uncomplicated, almost intuitive use.”

With the “reduced design language” comes a reduced starting price. The 2024 CE 02 starts at just $7,599 (plus destination) and taking a page from Ford’s book, it comes in any color the customer wants, as long as it’s Cosmic Black. 

Two riding modes, “Flow”’ and “Surf” come standard. “Flow” mutes the throttle response and increases energy recuperation, while “Surf” excites with a more responsive throttle and zero recuperation. Both modes allow for the light 291-pound two-wheeler to navigate obstacles swiftly and with ease, making the most of the electric motor’s 15 horsepower and 40.6 pound-feet.

With a top speed of 59 mph, there’s not an official 0-60 time, but it’ll do 0-30 mph in three seconds flat. Perhaps with a solid tail wind, it’ll achieve that extra mile per hour. Range clocks in at an estimated 56 miles per charge. 

In addition to the standard trim level, there is a Highline package available which adds a “Flash” driving mode for a more sporty riding experience, gold anodized forks, and a 1.5kW charger over the standard 0.9kW charger, Bluetooth, heated grips, and more.

From a safety perspective, in addition to the helmet you’d be wearing, the CE 02 does come with Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Recuperative Stability Control (RSC), and front-wheel-only ABS. Grip is provided via a set of E30-sized steelies, which BMW calls “light alloy disk wheels,” mounted with 120/80R14 front and 150/70R14 rear tires.

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to get from point A to B in your urban jungle while still having two-wheeler-level freedom, perhaps you should hop, skip, jump, and flip down to your BMW Motorrad dealership and give this new eParkourer a shot. —Mike Bevels



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