Is the BMW E39 M5 the one car that can truly do it all? Watch this episode of Life’s Too Short For Boring Cars as Alex McCulloch takes an Imola Red 2001 M5 on an epic 1,000-mile adventure, canyon carving in the Western Desert, for a trip he would normally take in his bush plane.

McCulloch describes his choice of vehicle as the “bread and butter” of his BMW enthusiasm, with an “old-school M-car recipe, that was refined enough to drive to work every day, but under the hood lies supercar performance with a nearly 400-horsepower S62 V8, that could go around corners on par with any sports car and the sound and experience to match.”

With stunning imagery and classic BMW M performance, this is definitely worth a watch.—Mike Bevels

[Title photo by Jeremy Heslup.]



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