A link to a YouTube video recently showed up in BimmerLife’s inbox, titled “BMW M3 Hot Lap IMSA Petit Le Mans.” The message came from Stephen Maguire, who, alongside the team of Mike Renner, Tom Lappin, Andy Van Cleef, and Matt Mullins, brings this adrenaline-infused race track experience to BMW fans across the country.

This particular video was recorded at Road Atlanta during the 2022 Petit Le Mans with Renner and Mullins driving the two 2022 M3s. Maguire describes the opportunity as “an incredible opportunity to experience the g-forces generated and elevation changes on this high-speed lap.” See the video here:

While the M3s have BMW Performance Center liveries applied to their exteriors, they are otherwise in factory-delivered form. Maguire notes, “One [M3] has been fitted with several BMW M Performance Parts including front splitter, canards, side skirts, rear spoiler, and rear diffuser—all manufactured in carbon fiber. In addition, a more aggressive sound is produced with the addition of the M Performance Titanium Exhaust System.” Renner drove the M3 outfitted with M Performance Parts, which is the lead car in the video.

In addition to the hot laps on the track, these cars are also driven too and from the track–M-car road trip!–for these events, showing just how versatile they really are. They’ve been to IMSA races at Daytona, Sebring, VIR, Road Atlanta, Mid Ohio, Watkins Glen, Road America, and Lime Rock.

Mike Renner drove one of the Performance Center M3s to the National Capital Chapter’s Annual Meeting and Picnic in 2021. [Photo by Mike Bevels.]

Maguire and the rest of the BMW Performance Center team worked as a well-oiled machine to provide this experience to nearly 90 guests, many of which were BMW CCA members, on both Friday and Saturday of the Road Atlanta race weekend. Maguire comments on the guests’ experiences, “Most of the comments I hear relate to what an awesome experience it was and that it really gives them a new perspective of what it’s like to drive a car around Road Atlanta in anger. Many M3 and M4 owners are amazed at the capabilities of the cars, having never experienced driving the car on track at high speed.”

You don’t have to seek out a BMW Performance Center hot lap during an IMSA race weekend to experience this for yourself, as the BMW Performance Driving School offers a variety of driving courses for everyone. For more information about BMW Performance Driving Schools, visit their website. —Mike Bevels

[Video courtesy of the BMW Performance Center and Stephen Maguire.]



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