BMW’s first M motorcycle, the M 1000 RR, debuted in late 2020. For 2023, that model receives some updates along with an all-new M sibling, the M 1000 R. While the M double-R’s power output remains at  205 horsepower at 13,000 rpm and 83 pound-feet at 11,000 rpm for the 2023 model, there were significant improvements to the motorcycle’s aerodynamics. M RR project manager Christian Gonschor says, “We have achieved an engineering masterpiece in the aerodynamic development of the M RR due to our unwavering ambition, total passion and technical finesse. Thanks to countless hours in the wind tunnel as well as in road tests, we were able to considerably increase the top speed with unchanged engine output and at the same time significantly increase the downforce, also when banking in corners. Our development work will be rewarded with racing success.”

BMW Motorrad claims that they have never invested more in aerodynamics development than they have for the 2023 M RR. Here are some areas they made changes to realize improvements:

  • A higher windscreen allows for a higher top speed and better airflow around the rider.
  • The M winglets were improved, both increasing top speed and providing more downforce. At 186 mph, the 2023 M RR produces nearly 50 more pounds of downforce than the 2023 model.
  • The area around the front wheel and suspension received interesting carbon-fiber additions. The brake ducts and mudguards work together to improve air flow and cool the brakes more effectively.
  • There are also M Aero Wheel covers—Turbofans anyone?—in place to lower drag.

There are a number of other improvements throughout the bike, all in place to meet the goals of lowering weight and improving performance to have the edge on the race track. The M RR comes in two flavors, each with its own color—the M RR in Light White (non-metallic) and the M RR M Competition in Blackstorm Metallic.

The 2023 M 1000 R is a potent machine.

The second new M model from BMW Motorrad is the 2023 M1000 single-R. The M R is based on the S1000 R and RR and, per project manager Ralf Mölleken, “has been tuned to meet the requirements of a supersport roadster.” Power output rings in at 210 horsepower at 13,750 rpm and 83 pound-feet at 11,000 rpm, with a redline of 14,600 rpm, slightly lower than the M RR’s. Changes to the gear fourth, fifth, and sixth gear ratios. in addition to the rear sprocket (47 teeth versus 45), help increase rear-wheel traction and improve performance. Similar to the M RR, the M R benefited from aerodynamics testing, which yielded performance increases and lessened strain on riders. The M R comes in standard and Competition packages.

Want to learn more about BMW Motorrad’s new M-bike duo? See all of the official specs for the new M1000 R here and the 2023 M1000 RR here.—Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of BMW.]



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