BMW’s new all-electric i4 has launched in India just as the first full driving reviews of the new model have started appearing. The i4 is BMW’s new all-electric sedan that competes with Tesla and other electric vehicle offerings. Designed around the chassis of the BMW 4 series Gran Coupe, the model combines familiar design with modern EV technology.

According to the Hindu Times Auto section, the BMW i4 launched in India on May 26, 2022, making it the first “proper luxury electric sedan” to come to the nation. The i4 joins the previously launched BMW iX and Mini Cooper SE as BMW Group’s electric offerings for India. Dealers are taking bookings for the new vehicle, which the Times describes as one of the most affordable EVs in the luxury segment, with only the Mini Cooper SE being less expensive.


BMW i4 production launched in Munich in 2021.

The May 26 launch of the i4 in India comes just as reviewers post their opinions of recent first-person driving experiences. Reviewers took a critical look at both the base model i4 and the performance-oriented i4 M50.

CNET’s Steven Ewing calls the i4 eDrive40 “competent and compelling.” “The electric i4 is my favorite BMW 4 Series. It’s great to drive, surprisingly functional and has all the multimedia and safety tech I could ever want in a new car. And the best part is, that’s as true for the range-topping i4 M50 as it is for the entry-level eDrive 40.”

Ewing directly compares the two models, praising both for their charging speeds and estimated driving range. While noting that even the base model i4 can go from 0-60 mph faster than a Tesla Model 3, there are significant performance and speed increases with the M50 model, including it’s ability to hit 60 mph in under 4 seconds. Despite the performance difference, the “i4s’ EPA-estimated driving ranges aren’t wildly dissimilar,” showing that the performance increase may only reduce range by about 30 miles.

Overall, Ewing prefers the eDrive40, saying it feels “more playful” than the M50 and that he never found himself whishing he had more power than the base model offers. He writes, “the eDrive40’s balance, composure and overall focus on ride comfort makes it a peach. I don’t think I’d ever need more than this.” Read the full review here.

CarScoops praised BMW’s use of familiar interior design over “spaceship” styles used by other electric manufacturers.

CarScoops Brad Anderson review of the Austrailian version of the i4 eDrive40 praises BMW’s decision to base the electric vehicle on the existing gas-powered 4 Series. “BMW hasn’t followed the lead of some of its EV rivals by adopting a spaceship-like design with the cabin of the i4 and instead, the majority of its components are shared with the regular 4-Series Gran Coupe. That’s no bad thing.”

While noting that the car can feel heavy on twisty roads, Anderson comments that, “Those who experience the i4 eDrive 40 may also be pleasantly surprised by just how serene the car is to drive on the highway.” Though the car has very little road noise, drivers can activate BMW’s IconicSounds system developed by Hans Zimmer to add a bit of auditory impact to their driving fun. And while the i4 is more expensive than the competing Tesla Model 3, “there’s no doubt the BMW feels like the more premium and refined car with a far superior interior.” Read the full review here.


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