BMW G26 i4 M50 Augmented Reality

Looking to get as close as you can to the BMW i4 or iX without actually making the trip to a BMW dealer? If so, BMW of North America has a new augmented reality (AR) experience for you. Powered by Google Cloud’s AR technology, the experience allows for an immersive look into BMW’s two new electric models, which can be viewed on your phone within your surroundings, like your driveway or garage, in photorealistic quality. The BMW iX and i4 AR experience is accessible on which provides a link to open it in the Google app.

“BMW will celebrate the U.S. market launch of our all-new, fully-electric BMW iX and i4 next month,” said Albi Pagenstert, head of brand communications and strategy, BMW of North America. “We know that our new and existing customers expect unique and innovative campaigns for two of the most unique and innovative vehicles in our brand’s history, and Google Cloud helped us create something very special to share with them.”

BMW I20 iX Augmented Reality

The powerful AR experience allows the cars to be manipulated, giving users the ability to change the exterior paint color (no, E Ink isn’t available for the iX just yet), and open and close the doors and trunk lid. Lighting elements are also active, enhancing the realism of the presentation, and zooming in reveals the incredible detail in which the cars are rendered. Instead of finding an artifact or zooming in to what ends up being a low-resolution image, taking a closer look at the iX and i4 through the AR experience allows one to examine minute details like the grain of the leather and stitching of the upholstery.

The BMW iX and i4 AR experience is available for iPhone and Android, and is accessible on which provides a link to open it in the Google app. Both the BMW i4 and iX are due to become available this quarter. The i4 eDrive40 starts at $55,400, the i4 M50 starts at $65,900, and the iX xDrive50 starts at $83,200. The iX M60, due to arrive later this year, starts at $105,100.

If you want to take a closer look at some of BMW’s famous art cars in a similar manner, they’ve also been digitized for full appreciation in AR, and can be viewed in the Acute Art app.—Alex Tock

BMW G26 i4 M50 Augmented Reality

[Photos courtesy BMW AG.]



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