BMW G23 4 Series Convertible M440i

TikTok is the latest way to spend hours scrolling on your phone, consuming bite-size video content until you’ve had enough, and switch to another app to do more of the same thing. BMW seems to understand this fairly well, and is the most popular automaker on the social media platform according to a study by Uswitch, a comparison tool for consumer services.

The study attributes BMW’s success on TikTok to the brand’s having been quick to embrace platform, and its social media campaigns which are driven by hashtags. This might explain why BMW owns the top stop by such a wide margin, with more than 17,600,000,000 views as of March 31 2021, compared to 9,100,000,000 for Mercedes-Benz, which holds second place. Lamborghini ranks third, with 8,300,000,000 views.

Other notable brands in the top ten include Tesla in fourth place with 7,200,000,000 views, while Audi ranks fifth with 7,000,000,000 views, and is the only other German automaker in the top ten as Volkswagen did not rank and Porsche slotted in fifteenth with 2,900,000,000 views. Aside from Lamborghini, the only other supercar brand in the top ten was Ferrari in ninth place with 4,900,000,000 views. Toyota and Jeep were tied for tenth with 4,300,000,000 views, beat by the likes of Ford and Honda, which ranked sixth and seventh respectively with more than 6,000,000,000 views each.

When it comes to the top vehicle models on TikTok, BMW and Mercedes-Benz were nowhere to be found. The top three were the Ford Mustang with 3,900,000,000 views, the Nissan GT-R with 2,800,000,000, and rather unsurprisingly, the Toyota Supra, with 2,800,000,000. The Chevrolet Camaro ranked fourth with 1,500,000,000 views. Lamborghini is the only marque to have ranked in the top three most popular brands on TikTok and to also have some of the most popular models on the platform. The Lamborghini Huracan is the seventh most popular model on the platform with 916,700,000 views, followed by the Aventador in ninth place with 808,800,000 views, and the Urus in fourteenth with 469,000,000 views.

BMW’s performance as the most popular auto brand on TikTok doesn’t come as a particular surprise. In 2019, we reported on BMW being among the most mentioned car brands on Instagram, while later the same year, BMW was the most searched automotive brand of the holiday season. J.D. Power also ranked BMW third in terms of brand loyalty win 2019, a spot the marque retained in 2020.—Alex Tock

[Photos courtesy BMW AG.]



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