The way people shop for almost everything they buy these days is primarily online, and when it comes to learning about your next vehicle, it usually starts with a search. According to SEMrush, an internet marketing research tool that has made a name for itself in the data and analytics space, BMW was the most searched brand this Holiday season. It’s a testament to BMW’s presence not only specifically as an automaker, but also the value of the brand itself, which consistently ranks among the top few in the automotive industry (3rd in 2019, behind Mercedes-Benz and Toyota, according to Forbes). That’s quite impressive given that BMW remains a comparatively small independent company with few subsidiaries, while Toyota has been the largest automaker in the world since the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal of erupted in September of 2015.

Speaking of other brands, SEMrush ranked Toyota and Tesla respectively after BMW, with Honda and Ford rounding out the top five most searched marques. This comes as no surprise given the volume of vehicles sold by Toyota and the recent growth of Tesla, courtesy of the Model 3, which slots directly against the venerable 3 Series. Search engine data from SEMrush backs this up as well, with the Tesla Model 3 ranking as the second most searched model of the holiday season, right after—you knew it was going to be an SUV—the Kia Telluride.

Other “most searched” models include the Honda Civic, which has been a proven economic choice for over 40 years now, along with two Jeep models; the new Gladiator pickup, and the long-running Wrangler, both of which continue to enjoy success in a world that reportedly put down 250,000 orders for the Tesla Cybertruck. Another metric shared by SEMrush was “most searched to buy” which Tesla earned the top rank for. The other results, like Toyota, Jeep, and BMW are rather expected, but one outlier was Lamborghini—many of us are aware that luxury is experiencing incredible growth right now, but who knew so many people were in the market for a Lamborghini?

BMW ranking at or near the top of these lists isn’t a surprise. As mentioned above, the BMW brand is among the most valuable and recognizable of any in the world, and BMW has been selling more cars than ever before over the past five years. Even as the automotive landscape continues its transformation, and the concept of mobility is redefined for the modern world, BMW is managing to keep itself relevant by selling models that people want—just look at cars like the current 3 Series and X3, which countless drivers find to be the perfect companion for every day life.—Alex Tock

[Photos courtesy BMW AG.]



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