My BMW App

BMW has announced a new My BMW App, which will be available to iOS and Android users starting April 12. The My BMW App will succeed the BMW Connected app, and brings with it a host of new features and capabilities. Said to represent the next generation of customer connectivity, the new app features a new, more intuitive user interface. In addition to vehicle status information, the app will also allow for the remote activation of different functions, and includes a climate timer.

Among the most prominent new features of the upcoming My BMW App are the addition of BMW’s Digital Key, which will allow iPhone users to gain entry to and operate their BMW model with a production date of July 1 2020 or later exclusively from their device. The app also makes remote software updates easy, by alerting drivers who can then download the update to their phone and then transfer and install them in the vehicle at home. BMW has already announced the future of iDrive with operating system 8, but drivers with a BMW that uses system 7 will be offered “new and improved digital features” on a regular basis via the new app.

My BMW App

The My BMW App also includes Amazon Alexa integration for iDrive 7, and adds what is referred to as, “wake-word” functionality for completely hands-free operation. BMW says the voice service is also available for BMWs using iDrive 5 and 6, which date back to 2017 with iDrive Professional NBT Evo. A climate timer is also among key features listed by BMW, and it allows pre-conditioning of BMW models with electric drivetrains by either heating or cooling the interior depending on outside conditions before a driver gets in. BMW has offered something similar within iDrive for years on various models, but it’s more for ventilation.

The map functionality of the app has also been improved, and offers filtering to help drivers find charging stations for electric BMW models. Finally, BMW Financial Services have also been integrated, allowing customers to access and manage their account from a single app—finally.

The new My BMW App will launch for Apple and Android devices on April 12, and will replace the current BMW Connected app by the end of June.—Alex Tock

My BMW App

[Photos courtesy BMW AG.]



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