Driving our toys on the race track is easily one of the most fun and exciting things we do. From the novice track day driver to the experienced club racer, the skill and time it takes to go fast can sometimes be very challenging and daunting. As the saying goes, “there’s probably an app for that.” You’re right, there is.

Introducing Track Facts, the industry’s first mobile application that can replace a racer’s manual set up notebook. Not a lap timer, but a database system that captures all your car set up information and track day session details, including the following:

  • Car profile information (from tire details to suspension to corner weights, etc.)
  • Session data that can include tire temps, PSI, heat cycles, along with plenty of notes
  • Ability to export data, shareable with crew, driver coaches, or manufacturers

For the experienced club racer and track junkie, Track Facts will be the solution when you ask yourself “what did we do here last race/year?” Track Facts is also for novices. If logging detailed information about your tires and car setup is not your thing, no problem; Track Facts has extensive note-taking and picture functionality. Logging thoughts and ideas on how you drove in a session can be super valuable when you reflect on that track day a week or a month from now. Next time you’re at the track, grab your phone, open up Track Facts, and review that session that felt so good, recall how you were proud of yourself on hitting those apexes, and check the notes you made on how to improve your braking points. Your notes can be brief, or they can be longer dissertations on how the tires felt or steering feedback—whatever you want!

Track Facts provides racers and track day drivers all the benefits of mobile technology. Easy access to your phone or tablet, no more lost paper notes, and cloud storage so all of your data and notes are saved and are instantly retrievable. If your team and/or crew members change every year, Track Facts means you always retain your data.

You can download Track Facts at both the Apple App store and Google Play. BMW CCA members can get a no charge, no product limitation, six-month subscription, by using the special product code found on the member discounts page. Simply login using your BMW CCA credentials to access the code.

Keep the shiny side up!—Tim Hurlbut, Designer & Purveyor of Track Facts, 25 year BMW CCA member



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