In a recent interview with BMW M CEO Markus Flasch as part of BMW’s BMW Today video series, host Ede Weihretter asked a round of questions pertaining to the BMW M2 Competition, CS, and customer racing model. Flasch, who has not been shy about signaling what’s potentially in the M pipeline over the past few years, has given the automotive media various details about some of the brand’s more specialized models. While we’re still waiting to see if rumors about the next-gen M3 and M4 are true, but we like the sound of M xDrive potentially entering the equation, while more enthusiast-focused variants may be available with rear-drive and perhaps even a manual transmission.

While the M3 and M4 will always be on our radar, it seems that the torch of the best current BMW driver’s car has been passed to the M2 lineup. Whether you opt for the N55-powered original, the more-than-capable M2 Competition, or the lightweight and specialized M2 CS, you’re guaranteed to be bringing home a winner. What else is coming though? Will there be an M2 CSL, and if so, what’s going to differentiate it?

Way back in 2018, we talked about BMW returning to the CSL model designation. In short, an M2, M3, or M4 CSL would take the place of the previous M4 and M3 GTS models, which were the absolute sharpest, most track- and performance-oriented versions you could buy at the time. Barely road-legal and likely not a joy to use for the commute, the M4 GTS hasn’t been succeeded since its one year appearance back in 2016.

In the recent episode of BMW Today in which Flasch is briefly interviewed, the executive is asked about a potential CSL and what the brand’s future strategy looks like. Flash doesn’t reveal much, and you have to either speak German or have the subtitles on to catch what he actually says shortly after the two-minute mark in the video. Without explaining anything more, the head of BMW M says the brand is planning to do more Sondermodelle, or special models. That’s a direct reference to cars like the M2 CS and M4 GTS, and it’s all we need to know right now to be satisfied. Later on in the discussion, Flasch refers to the M2 as the best driver’s car in the BMW lineup in not so many words, which is as strong an indicator as you’ll get that the model lineage may someday include a CSL. After all, it’s got plenty to glean from the M2 CS Racing.—Alex Tock

[Photos and video courtesy BMW AG.]



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