Congratulations to this week’s BMW CCA Garage Goals winner, National Capital Chapter member Mike Bevels! Mike has won a $25 Shop BMW CCA gift card and a $25 Griot’s Garage Gift Card thanks to this picture of his 318is, 328xi wagon, and Little Tikes Cozy Coupe!

“I certainly have been spending more time at home lately,” said Mike. “My daughter, Avery, just turned six and my son, Carter, will be turning three soon. With schools closed, my wife Sara and I have been alternating weeks at work and weeks at home with the kids. I’ve really enjoyed spending quality time with my family. Our days are filled with “distance learning” and we’ve been working on biking without training wheels in our backyard. As such, I haven’t had any big projects in the garage lately. The kids have helped with some car detailing, wheel/tire swaps, and basic maintenance. As The Vintage has been rescheduled for later in the year, I have a lot more time for “Vintage prep” and I’m looking forward to attending this event for my first time.”

Asked how he originally found out about the BMW CCA, he said, “In late 2014 I came across the National Capital Chapter’s magazine, der Bayerische, at my local BMW dealership. I recall reading NCC’s coverage of HPDE, autocross, Cars & Coffee, and other chapter events. It looked like an awesome club!”

Tell us more about your 318is, 328xi wagon, and the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe! “In late 2014 I started looking for a replacement for my ‘08 Subaru STI. I’ve always had a thing for wagons and there weren’t many choices on the market at the time (even fewer now). After driving the BMW, I knew it was the one so I placed an order. In February 2015 I took delivery of my 2015 328xi M Sport wagon. I optioned it with some goodies such as M Sport brakes and the Dynamic Handling Package. It’s a fun car to drive and I’ve had it on Summit Point’s Shenandoah Circuit a couple times.”

“After a year of driving the 328xi wagon, I was itching for another car project. The 328xi was under warranty and had free maintenance, so I wasn’t turning many wrenches. I was set on an E30 and started searching locally. I test drove some cars, but nothing panned out. As time went on my search radius expanded. Eventually I found a nice 1991 318is in Atlanta, GA. After speaking with the seller over the phone a few times, I booked a plane ticket to Atlanta, bought the car, and drove it home (650 miles) in the same day. Since then, my 318is has been a bit of an obsession. I’ve taken it to a few BMW CCA HPDEs (NCC and NJ chapters). I’ve taken it to a couple NCC Concours events. I commute to work in it a few days a week (and put more miles on it each year than my daily, the 328xi). It’s a joy to drive and a pleasure to work on. When I asked my kids which car they want to take out, they always point to the “old car”. Between joining BMW CCA and E30 ownership, I have met a lot of great people and made some great friends. I keep a long running journal/build thread of the 318is on the R3VLimited forums here.”

“The Cozy Coupe hasn’t missed a beat since 2014. The wheels haven’t fallen off (yet). My daughter is too tall for it now, but she’ll push my son around in it for fun. It proudly wears the old trunk roundel from my 318is.”

As always, thank you, Mike, for your support of the club—and for your participation in our new BMW CCA Garage Goals giveaway on Instagram.

Want to win $25 Gift Cards from Shop BMW CCA and Griot’s Garage?

We will be awarding a lucky BMW CCA member a $25 Shop BMW CCA gift card and a $25 Griot’s Garage Gift Card every Friday! For a chance to win, all you have to do is post a picture to Instagram with the hashtags #BMWCCAGarageGoals, #GriotsGarage, and follow @GriotsGarage.

It will be a fun way for members to share their garage setups, what they’ve been working on, and what’s in their BMW fleet. Maybe you just finished putting a new coat of Griot’s Garage wax on your M3 or added some vintage BMW memorabilia to your garage wall. We want to see what you’ve been up to and share the passion! It will be a fun way for us to stay connected and interact while many of us are spending more time at home and in the garage.

We’ll announce the winner on Instagram, Facebook, and BimmerLife every Friday. Good luck, everyone!—Chris Hennecy



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