As the community is confined to limited travel and under restricted social interaction, we’ve seen some creative examples of enthusiasts finding ways to enjoy and share our passions online. Whether it’s impromptu DIY tutorials, organizing (and sharing) your garage, taking the long route to essential services, or simply taking time to carefully perform routine maintenance, the automotive world has found plenty to do during the slowdown as we do our best to inhibit the transmission of coronavirus.

Some members, however, have found another way to share and speak about their passions.

Inspired by Los Angeles Chapter members Johnny Valencia and Aimee Shackelford of GearOne Agency, enthusiasts from the BMW world and beyond have been creating video reviews of their own cars. The concept is simple: Find an isolated space and give a video tour of your own vehicle, showing other enthusiasts what makes your car special, enjoyable, or unique, inside and out.

Being self-created and crowd-sourced, the resulting wave of videos all have their own refreshing flavors, some of them feeling like a variant of typical press-launch reviews and magazine live videos, while others are a self-guided tour of drivers’ cars. Even with the impressive variety, all of them convey the passion that owners have for their own vehicles—including some that are not typical enthusiast vehicles at all.

Even if you’ve been following along as your friends acquire and build their cars, it’s an interesting way to experience parts of the build, ownership story, or driving experience through the lens of the driver. Check out some of the examples below, and if you’re interested in submitting a review, simply tag #ReviewYOC (and #bmwcca) in your video post. And as always, please respect social distancing as well as local and state laws when recording your review!—David Rose

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Does isolation equal creativity? That's a resounding YES! Amanda @fancy_f87m2 and Nick @nickdrivesbmws colab on our first Couples Edition of Review Your Own Car! 🥂 If you've never seen the Audi OEM color Merlin Purple, you are sure to enjoy Prince, the RS5 💜. It is followed by Nick's E39 530i, one of the cleanest examples we've seen! 😍⁣ ⁣ Are you bored at home and miss attending car shows and meets? Go Review Your Own Car! Tag #ReviewYOC and we will feature your video on our channels 🙌⁣ ⁣ #reviewyoc #carreview #couplegoals #couples #couplesedition #prince #merlinpurple #audi #rs5 #audirs5 #bmw #bmwe39 #530i #bmw530i #audiclubna #bmwcca #ladydriven #bmwusa @hre_wheels @michelinusa @michelin

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