Defensive driving isn’t just about keeping an eye on those around you and watching for signs that other motorists may be disengaged, inattentive, or simply lacking the skills to commute in a courteous and safe manner. Plenty of us carry an emergency kit, flashlights, and even a window cracker or seat belt splitter on the off chance we might need them, but more important than any of these tools is a willingness to act when others are still trying to figure out what just happened.

This was the case with BMW CCA Ombudsman and parts manager at Tom Bush BMW, David Levin. While on his way to work last week, Levin witnessed a traffic collision when a vehicle attempted to make an unprotected left turn through traffic into a driveway. What appears to be a blue Kia made it all the way to the number three lane before before being broadsided by another approaching vehicle

It all happened so fast, that the driver of the Kia ended up hopping out of the car before shifting the transmission into park, or even applying the parking brake. In the heat of the situation, the driver walks away from vehicle, and moments later it begins rolling forward, clearly still in drive.

This is where Levin stepped in. His dashcam captured the entire incident, including the fast action he took to put his own car in park, enable the hazard flashers, and then sprint after the now driverless vehicle which was about to cross into oncoming traffic, on its way to a gas station across the street.

In just a matter of seconds, Levin rose to action and took it upon himself to handle what could have quickly turned into a potentially serious accident, blocking both directions of a wide thoroughfare. In a flash, he hops in the damaged vehicle and almost immediately stops its progress just as it was about to drive onto the other side of the street.

Check out the local news video below for the actual dashcam footage of the entire chain of events, along with a brief interview of Levin himself.—Alex Tock

[Screen capture and video courtesy News4Jax.]



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