During the past weekend’s board meeting and annual meeting weekend in Greer, SC, we had several days dedicated to making repairs and improvements to the new national campus. Crews were composed of volunteers, Board members, and national staff working together to prepare the campus for upcoming member events—and, of course, this year’s 50th Annual Oktoberfest.

Some incredible progress was made and we’d like to take a moment to recognize those who volunteered their time and talents!

Tom Lappin: Landscaping
Dohn Roush: Outdoor railing refurbishment
Tim Beechuk: Outdoor railing refurbishment
Ian Branston: Window washing, fire ant killin’, and debris removal
Mike Washington: Door installation
Bob and Genevieve Alt: Thermostat setup and debris removal
Steve Johnson: Display case installation
Jeff Gomon: Door installation
Lou Ann Shirk: Interior painting and wallpaper removal
Darlene Doran: Interior painting and wallpaper removal
Jeff Caldwell: Outdoor railing refurbishment

Thank you to these amazing members who volunteered their valuable time and lent a helping hand to assist with renovating the club’s new national headquarters!



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