BMW Ice Gymkhana

It’s been a good winter in Colorado, and that means that unlike last year, the ice on Georgetown Lake was thick enough to support cars. Georgetown Lake is situated in the Rocky Mountains about halfway up Interstate 70 between Denver and the Eisenhower Tunnel. The opportunity for ice racing on its frozen surface presented itself with the Rocky Mountain Chapter’s annual Ice Gymkhana (think autocross on ice with a 360 cone thrown in).

A Phytonic Blue X4 M40i on snow and ice—complimentary colors!

The fastest rear-wheel drive car and driver, Andrew Colfelt co-driving Christine Foley’s 1990 BMW 325is.

The wind-blown snow was like flour on a glass coffee table until it was kicked up into giant snow devils.

The number of entries is capped and sells out within minutes, making it one of the most popular events on the Rocky Mountain Chapter’s calendar. Fellow E30 325iX owner Marc Swanson and I got in and decided to co-drive my 1989 325iX using his dedicated Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded snow tires. I contributed by fitting the iX with some racing decals and a roof rack that was more looks than functional—although, the CB antenna might be useful for finding us if we fell through the ice!

Bruce Drachmeister in his track-prepped E46 M3.

Marc Swanson co-driving my 1989 325iX.

Sam and Steve Smith co-driving Steve’s 2014 328d x-Drive wagon.

Naveen Viswanath putting on his game face in his 328d wagon.

Who knew a rear-wheel drive E46 would do so well–E46 drivers, that’s who!

The X4 M40i was one of the most photogenic cars of the day!

Piloting the iX in its natural environment.

You’ll have to wait for the Safety Third column in the April issue of Roundel for the full story on the Ice Gymkhana, but the pictures here tell their own story—one of fun on snow and ice!—Alex McCulloch

[Photos by Alex McCulloch.]



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