BMW M Performance parts always look great in the doctored-up press photos circulated by automotive media outlets, but getting a look at things through real-world photos tends to facilitate a much greater understanding of how the stuff is going to look either in a dealership showroom display case or when it shows up at your doorstep and you bolt inside to unbox it. In the case of the fresh lineup that was announced almost concurrently with the seventh-generation 3 Series a few months back, the wheel designs, carbon fiber aero pieces, brakes and more look really cool, and serve as a good demonstration of how BMW remains masterful in terms of crafting enticing bits and pieces you can add to your car.

These photos and the video below come by way of our friends at BMWBlog, and provide a great real-life preview of the various manufacturer-offered parts and modifications you’ll be able to throw at your new G20. As whole, and as is the norm for any car wearing the entire array, the collection of parts seems transformative in nature, and bring the G20 platform up a notch in terms of exterior character and presence while yielding a slight bit of weight savings as well and other performance gains as well.

The wheel design pictured above happens to be one of our favorites, and we’re so glad to see it offered in a finish other than black. Although the varied Y-spoke design seems quite complex up close, full-frame shots of the car, like the one at the top of this article, reveal that the style assumes a cleaner form with a bit of distance, as the broader spokes take on a more prominent appearance. Getting more specific, BMW refers to them as M Performance forged Y-spoke 795M wheels, and they’re offered solely in a twenty-inch size. Two visuals schemes will be available; matte black, or the much more attractive Ferric Grey look above, which uses a bicolor finish that is both matte and gloss lathed.

There are a few other choices as well, which include the eighteen-inch style 796M double-spoke light alloy set which come finished in matte black with suggested use in both winter and summer, although photos of these do not seem to have surfaced just yet. The third design measures twenty inches in diameter, and appear to be among the most visual striking in terms of appearance. Dubbed style 794M, this set of forged cross-spoke wheels is available in just one color combination; jet black with burnished spokes. The brakes also bear mentioning, as the large red calipers biting down on slotted and dimpled rotors all around are visually attractive behind the large diameter wheel offerings, and surely offer an increase in stopping ability, even over the already capable and great looking M Sport brakes which come standard on the M340i.

There are plenty of other bits too, including the handmade carbon fiber accoutrements which the exterior is bristling with, such as the rear spoiler on the trunk lid, front splitters on the bumper, and of course, mirror caps. Tinted tail lights are also present, while the kidney grille appears to be the gloss black version, a material choice that is available for the other aforementioned parts in addition to matte black and the pictured carbon fiber. The splitters themselves are the pro version which adds a longer chin extension—a change that makes them undoubtedly more likely to suffer damage under regular driving operation—while a less aggressive standard set can also be chosen. Tailpipe finishers add some more flare to the rear end, and they’re said to use highly corrosion resistant construction with materials like titanium and carbon fiber coming together for a great look. A carbon fiber diffusor insert and some defining side skirts bring the look together, making a G20 that’s had the entire M Performance parts bin thrown at it stand out quite a bit from standard stablemates.

The video below, also by BMWBlog, allows for an even better and more in-depth look at things. The interior isn’t highlighted yet, but the changes there are surely to make for a more defined experience for occupants as well. Modifying a BMW, or any car for that matter, is always an eye of the beholder affair, and even previous BMW Performance and M Performance offerings may be seen as tacky and unwarranted by some, although they come with the factory support, high quality design and strong construction that other aftermarket components tend to lack. The collection offered for the G20 seems to offer a bit of multifaceted variance that can be selectively applied to a given car depending on tastes and intended use. Now, if only we could find photos of how the parts look on a car finished in a color other than white. —Alex Tock

[Photos and video via BMWBlog.]



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