It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: time to find out if you or someone from your chapter has won big in the Car Of Your Dreams Raffle 2018!

This year, ten lucky BMW Car Club of America members have won nine cars, plus a partial prize of $26,405. This year’s drawing was held at Taylor BMW in Augusta, Georgia, and as usual, the winners came from chapters all across the country, from the northeastern United States all the way out to two in the Los Angeles Chapter, and plenty of places in between.

The Grand Prize this year, of course, was the brand-new BMW M5 Competition, and the First Prize, a BMW M2 Competition, might have been the even bigger attention-getter. But in addition to the top-tier M cars, the BMW CCA also gave away seven X2s, sending them to members across the country. Not a bad series of prizes, and not a bad set of odds, either—the BMW CCA’s annual raffle caps the odds at 1/5,000, so make sure to buy your tickets next year once the prizes are announced!

Check out the video above to find out who won, as well as to view the process and hear from the raffle-certification representatives. As usual, the BMW CCA’s annual raffle benefits our programs around the country, and helps to make driving events, social gatherings, regional events, Club Racing, autocrosses, and more safer and more attainable for everyone. Congratulations to everyone who won, and good luck to everyone entering next year!



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