Our friends at BMWBlog recently shared some previously unseen photos of the upcoming G29 Z4, wearing what looks to be one of BMW’s “frozen” color offerings. [It’s just a fad, I tell you! It will pass!—ed.] Freshly unveiled in Pebble Beach, California, last month, the new model was first shown in a rich red tone, while First Edition examples wear Frozen Orange Metallic. The public reception to the reveal of the third-generation Z4 has been quite positive, with many expressing excitement about not only the new design, but also the underlying mechanics and powertrain.

The photos and YouTube videos below come from BMWBlog, and offer a fresh perspective on the new model. We already did a deep dive on what’s confirmed and expected, with lots of other specific details addressed as well, but the new Z4 is clearly among the most anticipated new cars on the horizon, and like you, we’re eager to get our hands on any new details.

BMW has a long lineage of silver and gray color offerings, and even combined the two in A08 Silver Grey Metallic, a popular color on the E46 3 Series. Virtually every generation has had its own unique silver or gray color, with Steel Grey leading to Silver Grey on the E46, Sparkling Graphite Metallic and Space Grey on the E90, and now Mineral Grey on the F30. In comparison with the red and orange colors seen in the official press release of the Z4, the flat matte—or frozen, as BMW tends to market such things—gray tone on display here allows for a greater appreciation of the various design elements and lines. The sculpted hood is now much more obvious, and the individual elements of the nose stand out a bit more. The rear end remains quite attractive, but the contrast between the taillights and the body make for greater definition.

We could dedicate a short series of articles to what BMW is doing in their design department and all of the new language on the Z4 or 8 Series, but one thing that really stands out is the new kidney grille. Looking beyond its overall width, which we already identified as continuing the the same sort of style seen on the 507 and Z8, the lack of vertical slats is what really catches your eye. Instead of the traditional design, which has more recently stepped into previously unexplored territory in the form of double-slat grilles for M cars, the Z4 aspirates through a set of diamond-shaped entrances, which are broken up by evenly divided protrusions which work together to form a unique looking mesh from a distance—think of the Z’s in the Zagato Z4 concept from several years ago. The forward-most portions of the grille appear to wear the same finish as their surrounds, further enhancing the cohesive look.

Quite a bit more can also be gleaned from looking this new interior shot, which features light brown upholstery that allows for a few different elements to stand out. Switchgear and controls on the doors uses a new design that doesn’t seem to be taken from any previously existing BMW parts bin, while other things are starting to look familiar, such as the steering wheel, climate-control panel, and BMW Operating System 7, which includes the iDrive display and all-digital instrument cluster.

Upholstery seems to continue the same trend we’ve seen seeing for a while, with minor updates present, but another exciting highlight we’re looking forward to experiencing is presence of a head-up display, a first for any Z car.

BMW sells a lot of gray and silver cars, but in this instance, a different colors allows for further interpretation of a new model with a lot going on in terms of design. No official name has been assigned to the finish on display, but we’ll be excited to see more in the coming months. Check out the videos below for an even closer look at the new Z4.—Alex Tock

[Photos and videos courtesy BMWBlog]



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