Longtime BMW CCA member and Legends Of The Autobahn award-winner Lisa Hong—known in the 2002 community as “Lisa the 02 Princess”—has been the subject of numerous excellent stories, videos, and articles surrounding her passion and knowledge for the 2002 chassis (including late last year a feature on Jay Leno’s Garage). But recently, Lisa and her LOTA Clean Class-winning 1973 2002 “Tesoro” were the subjects of a beautiful film from Petrolicious, as well as the subject of an exquisite photoshoot from fellow BMW enthusiast Courtney Cutchen, also featured on the Petrolicious website.

The Tesoro build features too many spectacular, beautiful, and bespoke features to mention here, but thankfully the Petrolicious piece captures it all. Check out the article and photos here, and if you want to see more cars of this caliber in person, come to Legends Of The Autobahn this August in Monterey.—David Rose


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