Upcoming BMW iX3 Kidney Grille Revealed

BMW hit the ground running last year with their electrified model offensive, and the concepts and new models are still rolling out. We’ve had the i Vision Concept (hinting strongly at the long-rumored i5) and the rollout of a full “i Performance” line in the form of the 330e, 740e, 530e, and more.

Last week BMW released a teaser of the next installment in this lineup, expected to be a plug-in crossover dubbed the iX3. But electrification is not the feature grabbing the most headlines; rather, the new interpretation of the kidney grille as a one-piece design is making waves.


We’ve already seen a tentative version of the new centrally-joined kidney grille on the new M2 Competition, but the true single-piece design seems destined to make its debut on the new crossover SAV. What are your thoughts? Do you prefer this setup, or the vertical format on the X7 and 8 Series concepts? Let us know in the comments, and keep an eye out for imagery on the iX3 around or before the Beijing Auto Show.—David Rose


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