The BMW CCA Celebrate BMW Tour has reached Monterey! We are out and about attending all of the Celebrate BMW Events, so come say hi! To see how we got here, click here!

We always knew driving cross-country would be an incredible experience, but we never anticipated just how exhilarating, exhausting, and inspiring the experience would be. It’s a drive that opened our eyes to the vast landscape of North America, and the joy of meeting BMW and automotive enthusiasts from across the United States.

But for the moment, we’ve arrived in Monterey. We’re surrounded by incredible vehicles, from the ultra-modern of Huayras and LaFerraris to the vintage blower Bentleys and Allards.


BMW has brought a plethora of notable and rare cars, including the Mille Miglia 328, just about every vintage race car from the BMW USA Classic collection, and most notably, Elvis’ freshly restored 507.

With such a selection of cars on display, this year is shaping up to be one to be remembered for years to come. We will be bouncing around between all of the events this week and next, so if you see us, be sure to come say hi and check out the car! Keep an eye out for an overview video after all of the car week dust settles, but in the meantime, keep up on BMW CCA social media, and we’ll see you out there!



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