Our friends at ModernTireDealer.com have looked into why BMW thinks run-flat tires are a must-have to in sure a premium experience for most of its vehicles.

“Purchasing a BMW you have a certain expectation of quality and an overall premium experience, and that’s where changing a tire falls flat right there. We really try to look at what services need to be around for our customer when things go wrong.”

BMW’s technology page on its International site elaborates a bit more.

Run-flat tyres are their own spares: thanks to specially reinforced side walls and additional lateral strengthening, they continue to perform their function even if all air pressure is lost. The heat-resistant rubber compound is able to withstand additional heat build-up.
With run-flat tyres fitted, you can continue driving for up to 150 km at a speed of up to 80 km/h without any significant loss in vehicle stability. You not only save time and stress, you are also free of the need to carry a spare tyre, saving stowage space.

Read ModernTireDealer.com’s full story here.




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