According to a recent bulletin sent to dealers, and right on the heels of the recent reveal of the future BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, BMW will offer big rebates on current 2024 electric models through the end of April 2024. The rebates will range from $5,000-$7,000 with other potential incentives for BMW loyalists.

BMW flagship i7 can be had at a discount with BMW’s April rebates.

Through April 30, BMW’s all-electric i4 and i5 sedans will get a $5,000 incentive, while the i7 sedan and iX SAV get a $7,500 incentive. For buyers who love BMWs and want to stick with the brand, they can snag an additional $1,000 discount on the i4, $1,500 on the i5, and $3,000 on the i7.  And even if you previously strayed from the Ultimate Driving Machine to purchase an EV and live on the West Coast, Cars Direct mentions that you may be able to snag an additional $1,000 BMW BEV Conquest Credit by returning to BMW.

Lease a BMW already? The loyalty discounts also apply to leases, meaning your savings can get into five-figure territory if you lease an i7.

And while eligible BMW Car Club of America members won’t be able to stack their members-only rebate on top of this due to the previously puzzling exclusion of i-models, they can take heart that they’re more likely to be eligible for the loyalty discounts that are part of this effort.

Plus, BMW CCA members can also get an exclusive chance to test drive several of the BMW EVs at this weekend’s BimmerLife MiX event in Greer, SC. Members can attend the celebration of BMW’s M, i, and X models and participate in the scheduled test drives on Friday, April 19, and Saturday, April 20, 2024. See the full schedule for BimmerLife MiX.





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