BMW AG, For press and Social Media, Gudrun Muschalla

Thirty-four years probably isn’t a record for keeping a prototype a secret, but BMW definitely waited a while to reveal it’s hidden second V16 prototype. Recently revealed at Techno Classica car show in Essen, Germany, and featured on BMW Classic Group’s social media channels, the BMW 750iL V16 Goldfisch can still rev the engine of many a BMW performance enthusiast.

This prototype E32 uses the V16 engine BMW developed in 1988, dubbed the “Goldfisch” for it’s color. The original prototype was known about, as were it’s many modifications made necessary to jam a 16-cylinder engine into a space designed for a 12-cylinder powerhouse. Essentially, they had to yank the radiator from the front, stick it in the rear, and move around other elements to fit the sweet-sixteen engine into the car.

BMW AG, For press and Social Media, Gudrun Muschalla

But apparently BMW didn’t stop trying. This previously-unseen prototype was engineered to both fit the larger engine and the regular niceties, such as a radiator, all in the front. All of that work made the BMW 750iL V16 look essentially like a standard 7 Series, though keen enthusiast eyes may spot the other small adjustments made to the car.


BMW Classic Group’s post lists the following “Fast Facts:”

  • V16 engine with 348 hp at 5000 rpm
  • 6646 cc
  • 5-speed automatic gearbox
  • 250 km/h top speed
  • Built in 1990

See more images and read more about this formerly-secret internal-combustion achievement on BMW Classic Group’s social media channels:

BMW Classic Group Facebook

BMW Classic Group Instagram; Post 1, Post 2

Photos by Gudrun Muschalla @gudrunmuschalla_photography



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