We all want a bulletproof car from time to time. And you can indeed buy one from BMW with its BMW 7 Series Protection and BMW i7 Protection models, that feature armor-plated steel, safety glass, and other perks that help it meet the highest resistance class for civilian protection vehicles, VPAM 10.

But do you know how to drive it?

Such cars sport higher numbers for protection, which comes with higher numbers for weight, power, and torque. As a result, your standard daily driver or even track car skills aren’t quite the same as what you would need behind the wheel of one of these security powerhouses.

So along with the vehicles, BMW is now offering the BMW Security Vehicle Training course, designed for professional drivers responsible for the safety of their passengers. The first day of the course covers everything from controls, braking, maneuvering, and evasion to controlling the headlights. The second day includes a simulated vehicle attack, for when your passengers have made a social media post that ticks off a few too many heavily armed characters.

Read the full story on BMW here.

Photos and video courtesy of BMW AG.




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