BMW CCA members can read over 20 years of Roundel magazine online in flipbook form with new mobile-friendly options for new issues.

Now BMW Car Club of America: Roundel will be easier to read on mobile and small tablet devices. BMW CCA just added select mobile-first versions to recent issues for members to read online.

BMW CCA members have had access to online-versions of the club’s original members-only magazine, Roundel, for over 20 years. The flipbook version, aka “facsimile” version, displays each issue just as it appears in print, with the full layouts, designs, and advertisements. While that looks great on laptops, desktops and larger tablets, it has proven challenging to enjoy on smaller tablets and mobile devices, such as smart phones. Members would have to load the page and then pinch-and-drag to read the features, columns, and other news.

For the past few months, BMW CCA worked to develop a “mobile-first” version designed to work best on smartphones and other smaller devices. This new version of the magazine has all the features, columns, and other articles, but the content will size itself in responsively for better display on smaller screens, automatically changing the size of images and flow of the text and layout.

The first issues with this “Mobile edition” option are now available to all members once they login to into their member account on the BMW CCA website. Members visiting the Roundel online page can then choose whether they want to view the “Flipbook” or “Mobile” version of an issue.

BMW CCA members can go to and login using their BMW CCA account information. (Having trouble logging in? Use the “Request New Password” link on the login page to have a reset link sent to your email address on file.)  Once logged in, navigate to to see all of the available issues and options. Then just click the issue you want to read and enjoy!

Each issue has a button for the flipbook edition, which is best viewed on a laptop, desktop computer, or large tablet. Newer issues may also have a “Mobile edition” button, which will adjust itself to the viewer’s screen automatically.

BMW CCA members can now view BMW Car Club Magazine: Roundel content with greater ease on their preferred device.

BMW CCA continues to be the premiere BMW-centric publisher in the United States with BMW Car Club Magazine in both Roundel and BimmerLife editions, as well as the BimmerLife website, BimmerLife weekly eNewsletter, and new BimmerLife Podcast.

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