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If you and your BMW are heading to a new track this season, you’ll find there are lots of resources available to help you prepare. Here are four tips to help set yourself up for success.


Before you head to the track, study any information you can find about the circuit you’ll be driving on, such as track maps, in-car videos, game simulations, and track descriptions by motorsports experts. Online resources can help. Check out the track’s website, BMW CCA resources, Google, and YouTube. 

During the preparation stage, try to become as familiar as possible with the track’s key features and reference points. In-car videos are especially helpful for understanding the reference points. However, don’t try to memorize every detail of a video unless you have the exact same car. Certain turn-ins may be different for you and your BMW, so you’ll have to be ready to adjust how you use a particular reference point.

Soak It Up

During the first few sessions at the track, try to take in as much information as possible. Zeroing in on one focus area per session can help. For example, consider using one session to focus solely on visual information. Then set aside a different one to take in the feel, balance, and G-forces on the car. Another session can be dedicated to auditory information. 

Document And Replay

After each session, make notes on a copy of your track map. Document every small detail—shift points, braking points, and so on. Also, note the locations of pavement cracks, curb shapes, and placements, corner worker stations, signs, bridges, changes in the track surface and anything else that catches your attention.

After you’ve written down all this documentation, it’s important to go back over it. Replay the track in your mind until you know it by heart. The more you replay the track, the faster you will learn it.

Drive Your BMW, Not The Track

At some point, it’s time to trust your research and your track replays to do their job. Stop thinking about the track and focus on driving your BMW to its limit. Think of it this way: if you drive your BMW at its limit, even if off the line, you will be faster than if you had driven the perfect line with your BMW at 85% of its potential.

Learning a new track is a great way to challenge your skill and keep your instincts fresh. Plus, if you are like us, you likely have a bucket list of tracks you want to visit. However you choose to prepare for a new track, remember to have fun and stay safe! 

While there is always some risk driving a new track, you can help protect your BMW from damage with HPDE Insurance from Lockton Motorsports. Coverage protects: 

  • Street-legal cars and non-licensed track cars.
  • Modifications you’ve made to your car.
  • Two drivers at each event at no additional cost.
  • Any demonstration laps your instructor drives.

You can purchase track day coverage conveniently, either ahead of time or the day of an event, online at Have a question? We’re happy to help! Give us a call at (866) 582-4957 to speak to our motorsports insurance experts. 

The Lockton Motorsports Insurance program is administered by Lockton Affinity, LLC d/b/a Lockton Affinity Insurance Brokers LLC in California #0795478. Coverage is subject to actual policy terms and conditions. Policy benefits are the sole responsibility of the issuing insurance company. BMW Car Club of America will receive a royalty fee for the licensing of its name and trademarks as part of the insurance program offered to the extent permitted by applicable law. Not available in all states. 




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