What’s better than LEGO? BMWs made of LEGO, that’s what. If you’re a fan of building with colorful bricks, you’ll be pleased to know that a new Speed Champions set has been released comprising the BMW M Hybrid V8 and the BMW M4 GT3.

The 676-piece set shouldn’t take too long to build and would make a nice display with your other BMW sets. Who remembers the Daniel Helms designed E30 M3 set featured on BimmerLife in 2022? Or the official BMW M1000 RR set with working pistons and transmission? Sure they’re not going to be exact replicas, but you have to respect the engineering that goes into these sets—especially the fan-based ones.

The Daniel Helms designed E30 M3 LEGO (left) and Brandon Wheaton’s real-life example (right).

For LEGO’s latest collaboration with BMW, BMW reports, “The new miniature members of the Speed Champions series stand out as carefully constructed replicas of the original cars. Authentic design features include the characteristic BMW M Motorsport paintwork, prominent diffuser elements, visually striking exhaust tailpipes and eye-catching spoilers, as well as an interior crafted with fine attention to detail. Plus, the roofs of the two miniatures can be taken off to allow the racing driver figures supplied as part of the set to be inserted into their respective cockpits. The stage is set for thrilling wheel-to-wheel racing in kids’ bedrooms far and wide.”

Kids’ bedrooms? I’m not ashamed to admit I’ll run them across my desk while making “vroom vroom” sounds. The BMW M Hybrid V8 / BMW M4 GT3 set went on sale Mach 4th, 2024 at a recommended retail price of $44.99 and can be ordered throughthe BMW online shop, from LEGO, and many other retailers. —Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of BMW, LEGO, and Mike Bevels.]



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