The MINI Aceman will be unveiled to the public in just a few short months. It’s a model built for those who couldn’t decide between a Cooper and a Countryman—a mash-up five-passenger crossover that’s small in stature, but large in ability. Unlike the new ICE-powered Cooper and Cooper S, the Aceman will exclusively be sold as an all-electric vehicle.

Is this where the Jawas live?

Head of MINI Stefanie Wurst describes the Aceman’s place in their lineup, saying, “The all-electric MINI Aceman opens new opportunities for customers who want a smaller crossover than our successful MINI Countryman. The consistent electrification of our product portfolio makes a clear statement about the future of the MINI brand.”

As part of MINI’s process before putting a vehicle into production, the Aceman underwent real-world testing in extreme conditions. Most recently it conquered the desert in a setting reminiscent of where the Jawas live on Tatooine—yes, it’s a Star Wars reference!—besting high temperatures and sand-covered surfaces. MINI says, “In addition to classic features such as driving dynamics and driving comfort, the test team is focusing on the demanding aspects of an electric vehicle. For this purpose, the air conditioning, charging and cooling of the battery, drive and control devices are intensively tested at up to 122° Fahrenheit in dusty desert sand.”

No, this must be where the Jawas live.

Prior to desert testing, the Aceman took a trip to the Arctic Circle experiencing the polar opposite—pun intended—and proving itself a vehicle viable for all conditions. The camo should be off by this summer, allowing MINI fans across the U.S. to see the latest addition to the MIN family of vehicles. —Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of MINI.]



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