Delaware Valley (DelVal) Chapter’s first ever Pitt Race HPDE October 28-29 is back on the schedule with some exciting changes to announce! There are now multiple options, all of which have lower prices and as much or more track time!


Introduction to the Track – $350 – This is for those who have never driven on a racetrack in an organized HPDE. This could also be appropriate if you did some events years ago, but need to re-familiarize yourself with the procedures and get “back up to speed.” It includes personalized and classroom instruction.

Experienced HPDE – $450 – This is for students who have done some HPDE events, are comfortable on the track, and want to continue improving their driving skills. It includes personalized and classroom instruction.

Open Track Time – $450 – This is for students who are regularly in the advanced group, driving solo with no instructor. It will have longer sessions (potentially three one-hour sessions each day) to allow you to stop, check tire temps and pressures, make adjustments, and continue all in the same session. Think of this as “independent study” and as such it does not include classroom or personalized instruction, but you can still connect with instructors if you’re looking to improve some particular aspect of your driving.


Open Track Time with Instructor Discount – $200 – Same as above, this is a new “Open Track” concept which will include longer sessions to allow you to “test & tune” or just stay on track longer. As a reward for being willing to take on at most one student, this has been discounted by $250. If you are an instructor, but you don’t want to instruct at this school, you are welcome to sign up for the Open Track Time at the regular price.

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A Special Note From Longtime BMW CCA Delaware Valley Instructor And Board Member Dave Flogaus

“You might think that racetracks don’t change much. You pave them and then you race on them, but that’s not the case with Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Since Jim and Kathy took ownership a decade ago it gets bigger and better each year.” – Dan DelBianco, Executive Director Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

For our salty old track veterans:

You’ve driven countless hours on inadequate sleep to venues such as: Watkins Glen, Lime Rock, Summit Point, Pocono, and likely several circuits well beyond, but have you ever been to Pitt Race (formerly known as BeaverRun)?

If not, there is a grand reward within easier reach than you might think. For many of us, it’s one long highway with a history of its own.

Mere moments off of the PA Turnpike, this entirely modern facility sits at the end of a charming  access road. The 24-hour security booth will welcome you, assuming your event is next on the schedule. Proceed deep into the facility, look for the impressive buildings, stake your paddock claim, unload, and relax on clean pavement – free of mud bogs, puddled water, and other quality-of-life insults.

On warm-up laps, the super-smooth asphalt track rises and falls dramatically over peaks and valleys, reminding this seasoned driver of Barber Motorsports in Birmingham, Alabama. Topographic elevation changes, excellent sight lines, and sloping, non-destructive curbing create an engaging circuit that takes more than a couple of sessions to learn.

When was the last time you drove a track for the first time? Between sessions, take comfort in the super-clean bathrooms, a climate-controlled classroom, and even a stand-alone pro shop with souvenirs, apparel, and items you may have overlooked during packing. The handy market on the road to the track is just a few minutes away if you need to reload on pork rinds.

For our newer track-minded drivers:

Please believe me when I say we used to walk uphill to school (both ways!) in the ice and snow, without shoes! Your elders also suffered tracks with non-flush or dodgy plumbing, inadequate safety measures, muddy paddocks, and evil groundhogs. Heck, some of our short, old tracks can’t even stay open two consecutive days on a weekend due to grumpy old farts.

Aren’t you glad you get to do it the right way from the get-go? We’ll see you in Beaver Falls!

Dave Flogaus

BMW CCA #123862




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