We really shouldn’t give MINI a hard time about their continuous and frequent release of special edition models. After all, it seems like they are one of the few manufacturers still offering fun-to-drive enthusiast cars equipped with manual transmissions. And that’s where special edition Number 72 shines—the MINI John Cooper Works 1to6 Edition is all about rowing your own gears.

A familiar silhouette.

Why’s it called the 1to6 Edition? Why not be like Spinal Tap and turn things up to eleven? (Yes, that’s my second This Is Spinal Tap reference on BimmerLife this week for those keeping score.) Well, in a sense, the 1to6 Edition does go to eleven by adding one more forward gear. Standard MINIs come equipped with five-speed manuals, and the 1to6 comes with—let me check my math… carry the one—a six-speed manual!

Whoop! There it is.

MINI describes the 1to6 as a “purist high-performance model” that “symbolizes maximum driving pleasure with an authentic motorsport feeling.” The 231-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine provides ample power, and the additional gear allows for being in the sweet spot of that power band longer. It’s quick—not rocketship quick, but it’ll get to 60 in under six seconds, and when you’re banging through the gears with the fun pedal to the floor, that’s more than enough to put a smile on your face.

Another noteworthy item about the 1to6 Edition is that, compared to other recent MINI special editions, this one comes with different hardware—it’s not just a new color with special-edition badging. (That’s right Number 71, we’re looking at you.) Though, in addition to the new transmission, the 1to6 does have unique exterior features and edition-specific badging in red, white, and silver.

Piano Black exterior elements, such as the area surrounding the front grille and large air inlets, the side scuttles, and “waistline finisher”, pair nicely with the Midnight Black exterior and Jet Black 18-inch Circuit Spoke wheels. An edition-specific center stripe runs the length of the vehicle, from the hood all the way across the rear spoiler to the lower rear apron. 1to6 badging can be seen on the C-pillar, the rear of the vehicle, and on the side scuttles.

The interior receives some customizations as well, with edition-specific 1to6 logos on the door sills, floor mats, steering wheel, and dashboard. (Though, some of them have the lower-left section of the “6” cut off, which could be mistaken for a “5.”) MINI draws attention to the model’s exclusivity with “One of 999” on the left of the steering wheel. A center-mounted instrument cluster carries the logo design colors, with a “glowing red bezel.”

Does the 1to6 Edition sound like a good fit for you? Are you willing to pony up what you make at your 9to5 for one? Well, if you want to add this special edition to your stable, be warned: Production is limited to only 999 units worldwide. So, you better act fast. We may not see another special-edition MINI until…next month?—Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of MINI.]




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