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Vehicle Synopsis

  • Location: Virginia, 24503
  • Miles: 73,727
  • Car Club: BMW CCA
  • Year: 1974
  • Make: BMW
  • Model: 2002
  • Body Style: 2 door
  • Chassis: 4225142
  • Engine: M10
  • Exterior Color: Chamonix White
  • Interior Color: Marine Blue
  • Horsepower: 100
  • Transmission: Manual

In 1980, Gregg was 27 years old. He was an avid BMW fan and owned a 1974 2002, which he would occasionally drive from where he lived inMassachusetts to Savannah, Georgia to visit his parents. His Dad liked the car so much that he asked Gregg to find him one. Gregg says, “His primary requirement was air conditioning because Savannah in the summer is unbelievably hot and humid.”

The 2002 was produced from 1968 to1976. Out of the 400,000 built, just under 87,000 2002s were sold in the U.S. During Gregg’s search, one of his friends introduced him to a mechanic at Korman Autoworks in Greensboro, North Carolina. Korman was the preeminent specialty shop for BMWs, offering three stages of modifications for the chassis. And it just so happened that Korman had a white 2002 with a sunroof and, mostly importantly, factory air conditioning.

Korman Autoworks in Greensboro, North Carolina may know a thing or two about BMWs.

Gregg’s father purchased the 2002 for Korman Autoworks in 1981. There were two reasons why this particular 2002 was special. First, it had the rare Behr factory air conditioning which utilized the existing center vent, giving it a more integrated look. At that time, if you wanted air conditioning, most were installed by Max Hoffman, the BMW importer.

The rare Behr factory air conditioning, which utilized the existing center vent.

Second, it had the Korman Stage 1 modification package, which provided engine and suspension modifications. The engine mods included new bearings and rings, a hotter cam, a Weber carburetor replaced the Solex, and Korman added a header and Anza exhaust. The suspension mods added new springs and sway bars and Bilstein shocks. Gregg says, “the Stage 1 modifications really made the car. It was a bit stiffer ride with better handling, and rev’d higher with an estimated 15 more horsepower.”

The original engine, complete with Korman Stage 1 modification package.

Under his ownership, Gregg’s father primarily drove the 2002 on weekends and it spent most of its life in the garage. Gregg’s father passed away in 2005, and his sister purchased the parents’ home and the 2002. Gregg has the maintenance records dating back to 1981 showing it had about 60,000 miles in 2005 (so it hadn’t rolled over the 100,000-digit yet).

When Gregg’s sister decided to sell the home fifteen years later, Gregg who was newly retired drew the short straw that said, “You’re the guy that’s going to restore the 2002”. The restoration began in 2020.

Gregg reminisces, “My objective on this restoration was to have a reliable weekend driver that showed really well, drove well, and was very comfortable. I did not have an interest in a full nuts-and-bolts restoration, nor did I have the wallet to do that. This car was in very good condition already for its age.”

The 2002 was stripped down to the bare metal and primed. Gregg notes, “It’s essentially a rust-free Georgia car that had been stored in a garage, but if any rust was found, it was cut out and treated with lead in the early stages of bodywork. The stock front seats were replaced with OEM Recaro sport seats from a BMW 320i (E21).” Gregg believes the wheels are also from an E21 3 Series.

A beautiful set of E21 Recaro sport seats.

To update the interior, Gregg says, “There’s an outfit in California that specializes in BMW upholstery kits so, it was all reupholstered in the original Marine blue to match the interior panels.” He continues, “The Air conditioning system and heating system was basically all rebuilt. I added a high efficiency lightweight compressor. The heating fan system which typically goes bad in these cars was rebuilt.” The dash was still in perfect condition, so it remained, but Gregg says, “The carpet was replaced. We [also] put a new sound system in it because it had the old AM/FM radio.” 

Regarding the engine, Gregg points out, “The engine is still the original circa-1981 Korman stage 1. The Weber Carb has been replaced; the old Weber was diminishing returns to try to restore it. The old ignition system was replaced with electronic ignition.”

The drivetrain was also updated.  “We replaced the shocks, bushings, and things like that,” he says. “The differential was rebuilt by Metric Mechanic in Texas—they’re the guys for BMW differentials.”

Why sell now? Well, it’s an issue of space. Gregg says they’ve downsized and are looking for a good home for the 2002 that has been in their family for 41 years. In regards to price, Gregg has receipts showing he’s into the restoration for about $35,000, so that’s what he’s looking to get for it.

Interested in this 2002? Make an offer or buy it now on the Collector Chassis website. —Will Sellenraad

[Photos courtesy of Collector Chassis.]



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