Each year, members of the BMW Car Club of America are called upon to nominate and elect new officers for the national Board of Directors. According to our by-laws, the announcement of upcoming elections was published in the October issue of BMW Car Club Magazine: Roundel, with candidate statements published in the January/February issue. Elections were open from January 4-February 17, 2023, with all ballots being required to be present and counted at BMW CCA Headquarters in Greer, South Carolina by 5:00 p.m. EST on February 17.

The BMW CCA Board of Directors represents the BMW CCA membership; as a group, our board members are tasked with soliciting and employing up-to-date information and the best business practices in carrying out their responsibilities—with integrity, honesty, truthfulness, and an adherence to the absolute obligation of safeguarding the members’ trust. They make sense of new information about the Club as it may affect the organization, and demonstrate concern for the interests and well-being of the people affected by their actions.

Each year, only three positions are open for election, per our by-laws. For 2023, the open positions were Executive Vice President, Secretary, and Central Region Vice President. Two of those positions, Executive Vice President and Central Region Vice President, had only one nominee each, who will take on those positions at the BMW CCA General Meeting. The position of Secretary had two nominees.

For the position of Executive Vice President, the elected candidate is Brian Thomason, who currently serves as BMW CCA treasurer.

For the position of Central Region Vice President, the elected candidate is Jeff Gomon, who is continuing in that role for an additional term.

With the final votes tallied, the BMW CCA Secretary-Elect is Mark Hall, a long-serving volunteer and member of Sonora, Rocky Mountain, and E31 Chapters.

We thank all of the candidates for their participation and look forward to benefitting from their time, talent, and dedication to the betterment of the BMW Car Club of America.




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