In November of last year, we introduced Collector Chassis, a new online platform for enthusiasts, hobbyists, and collectors to showcase, spectate, buy, and sell vintage, classic and special-interest vehicles. Through our partnership with Collector Chassis, BMW CCA members may list vehicles for free, and benefit from reduced selling fees, in addition to managing their own virtual garages and exploring the virtual garages of others. This week our Collector Chassis Showcase features a 1995 BMW M3 (E36), a car that sold on the Collector Chassis website. 

Check out the Collector Chassis FAQ for more information about their site and auction terms and conditions. When signing in to the Collector Chassis website, choose “Sign in as BMW CCA user” and use your BMW CCA credentials. And watch for more CC Showcase features in coming issues.—Mike Bevels


Ten years ago, Bart and his wife became the second owners of a Cosmos Black 1995 BMW M3. They purchased it from a Delta Airlines pilot, where Bart was also employed. In the beginning of their ownership, Bart’s wife used the E36 M3 as a daily driver, but when a 330i became her new daily, they kept the M3 as a fun car, using it for pleasure drives on evenings and weekends, going to the beach, and attending local car events.

It was Legends of the Autobahn East, in Hilton Head, SC, where I met Bart and his spotless M3, which happened to be for sale. Bart told me that other hobbies consumed more of his time and the M3 stayed parked in the garage. “It’s  time to start thinning out [the herd]” said Bart, “I really want [to find] somebody who will enjoy [the M3] as much as we did. This is one of my favorite cars. This M3 has an emotional connection with us, so I really don’t want to list it on regular car sites. I am looking for an enthusiast to buy it [and appreciate it], so I listed it on Collector Chassis.”

This is where Michael comes into the story. Michael lives in Long Island, New York and has been looking for an E36 M3 ever since he first spotted one at the age of seventeen. A friend of his saw the black-on-black M3 on Collector Chassis and alerted Michael. It was the perfect car for him. Bart said, “After speaking with Michael several times [on the phone], he bought the M3 sight unseen. Thanks to the excellent photography and videos on Collector Chassis, Michael was able to confirm the M3 was well maintained. Collector Chassis was the link that connected us.”

Bart says that he and Michael continued to speak, “up to the time until it was shipped. Michael needed to know the height of the M3 [to pick a transport]. He decided to go with an enclosed trailer and, ironically, the gentleman driving the transport was also a big BMW enthusiast. It seems that everybody that sees this car loves it. I’m just glad it’s going to be preserved. I’m a purist so to speak, and even though I did install some performance items, I gave Michael everything to put it back to completely stock.”

After Michael took delivery of the E36 M3, Bart reports that the car exceeded Michael’s expectations. “I loved to hear that,” Bart recalled. “We negotiated a price we could both live with.” Though Bart admits price wasn’t his primary goal as he wanted to find “somebody that would really appreciate the car and keep it for a while—not just flip it.”

Michael standing next to his “new” 1995 BMW M3.

“It was a fabulous transaction-–one of the easiest I have completed,” said Bart, “Collector Chassis made it simple and that is exactly what I was looking for. It’s a unique website and community, and I love that it is for people that are enthusiasts.” Bart added, “Michael wants to keep [the E36 M3] for a long time and intends to eventually give it to his son, which made me feel good about him purchasing it.”—Will Sellenraad

[Photos courtesy of Collector Chassis.]



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