BMW Motorrad has announced updates to the R1250 R roadster for the 2023 model. 2023 will be a special year for the German motorcycle division as they will be celebrating their 100-year anniversary. The first motorcycle, an R32, debuted in 1923 with a 494cc 8.5 horsepower boxer-twin engine. The R1250 R carries on the boxer-twin tradition with a carry-over 1,254cc engine that produces 136 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 105 pound-feet  at 6,250 rpm. There are rumors that all-electric motorcycle drivetrains will be announced during the 100-year celebrations, which would fall in line with the direction other divisions, like BMW M, are headed.

The TFT display shows a “Sport” core screen.

While the R1250 R’s MSRP stays the same as 2022 ($14,995), there has been an increase in standard features as well as some improvements throughout the bike. Dynamic Traction Control, ABS pro, and Dynamic Brake Control are now standard to go along with rider and passenger-seat heating, multiple on-board power and charging options, and a TFT display with a “Sport” core screen. Elsewhere, there are new LED turn signals, a new full-LED adaptive headlight, a new solo-seat rear cover, new optional wheels, and new optional Triple Black and Style Sport Racing Blue Metallic paint options.

Brembo all the things!

In addition to the existing “rain” and “road” riding modes, an “eco” mode is new for 2023. As you’d expect by the name, the eco mode attempts to extend the regular gas-powered range of the motorcycle. BMW Motorrad says it has “Motorrad ShiftCam engine technology to achieve the maximum range. In ECO mode, the rider is encouraged to ride as fuel-efficiently as possible with a soft throttle curve and moderate engine torque limitation.” 

Optional solo-seat cover installed.

The 2023 R1250 R roadster has a lot going for it. It didn’t gain any weight, it didn’t go up in price, and it comes with more standard features alongside a number of new improvements. Granted, the 2023 model wasn’t a total redesign of the previous model year, but wouldn’t it be nice if those three things were always the case in new models? —Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of BMW.]



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