Hearing and reading about hybrid vehicles comes as no surprise these days, and the BMW lineup of vehicles is ever-expanding to offer more hybrid options. What could be an amazing surprise, however, is the opportunity to be the first lucky BMW CCA member to win a 2023 BMW 330e sedan as a main prize of the Dream Car Raffle.

The BMW 330e hybrid gives you the best of gas and electric in a stylish sedan plus an amazing 75 MPG!

The BMW 3 Series sedan is often regarded as a perfect balance between sports sedan and top-end luxury car. For 2023 you will note some minor updates to the exterior vehicle aesthetics. However, for those who prefer the slim front grilles, the 330e has you covered. In addition to the exterior styling, there is also an all-new digital dashboard inside the 3 Series cabin. For most onlookers, the new 3 Series hybrid doesn’t look much different from its gas-sipping twin.

Win A BMW That Gets 75 MPG!

Upon closer inspection, you will note the charging port located behind the front driver’s side wheel. Under the hood, the inline-four has an integrated electric motor that gets paired to a battery pack. This duo allows you to experience 75 mpg fuel economy according to the EPA (source: www.fueleconomy.gov).

The 330e is also available in xDrive, which drops electric+gas efficiency down to 67 mpg. For comparison, the 330i sedan is in the 28–36 mpg range. With the newer Xtraboost function in Sport mode, you will receive an additional 40 horsepower for up to ten seconds. That’s just like receiving a rocket boost when you depress the accelerator.

Best of all, the “e” edition of the 330 isn’t going to break the bank, since it essentially comes at the same price as the 330i. Are you ready to be the first BMW CCA member to win a hybrid vehicle in the Dream Car Raffle? Let’s make history!

Even more prizes!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win this unique BMW offering along with other incredible prizes in this year’s BMW CCA Dream Car Raffle! The Grand Prize this year is a Turn 14-customized BMW M8 Competition, and the First Prize is a BMW M4 Competition xDrive. Lastly, ticket purchases until July 22 have a chance at winning the special prize drawing of a $1,000 AMEX gift card.

Special Drawing Prizes

There are even more ways to win! Purchase a Dream Car Raffle ticket during one of the special drawing periods and you’ll be entered to win the associated prize. For every raffle ticket you buy, you’ll receive one entry into a special drawing for one of the five prizes listed below!

Ticket sales for the BMW CCA Dream Car Raffle will end on Friday, October 21, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. The official raffle drawing for the cars will be held in late October in Augusta, Georgia at Taylor BMW. All members are welcome to attend the drawing and the official date and time will be announced toward the end of the raffle campaign.

Proceeds of the raffle go to offset the program related expenses of the BMW CCA and allow us to continue to provide the benefits and events that you enjoy.

Free 50 Years of M Grille Badge!

As a bonus this year, you can also get a free 5o Years of M grille badge with the purchase of ten raffle tickets. Buying twenty tickets? We’ll give you two badges, and so on! The badge is a great way to show your support for the club. (Note: This badge is not for sale and is only available by purchasing ten or more raffle tickets.)

To purchase raffle tickets when they go on sale June 2, visit bmwcca.org/raffle.

Read Full Raffle Rules And Details Here: https://www.bmwcca.org/raffle

Purchase tickets and learn more at bmwcca.org/raffle. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase. One car will be given away for every 5,000 tickets sold. Last year, we gave away nine cars and a partial cash prize.



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