Mini Takes the States, back after a four-year break, just wrapped up this past weekend. For its eighth running, it started in Burlington, Vermont and traveled on many a winding road through many a small town until reaching the BMW Plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina–home of Mini (and BMW) headquarters. There was a surprise at the end of this 1,000-plus-mile tour. A one-off all-electric Mini Cooper SE Convertible was unveiled to the Mini community.

This would be the world’s first premium compact all-electric convertible if Mini moves forward with production. Unsurprisingly, this all-electric version’s chassis is based on the gasoline-powered Mini Cooper SE Convertible, sharing identical dimensions. Surprisingly, the trunk’s cargo capacity remains the same–electric drivetrain components such as battery packs aren’t encroaching on any interior or storage space!

The fixed-roof electric Mini Cooper SE, which has been in production since 2020, shares its drivetrain with the convertible prototype. The 135 kW/184 hp electric motor, at full buzz, yields a 7.7-second jaunt to 60 mph. The range is rated at just over 140 miles, so while you may have to spend time planning longer road trip routes in favor of charging stations, it has plenty of juice for commuting and fun, open-air excursions around town. 

If Mini Takes the States hasn’t already, perhaps it will plan a charging-friendly route for future events so that the growing population of all-electric Minis can join in on the fun. —Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of BMW and Mini.]



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