BMW recently tested prototypes of their 2023 M2 at the Salzburgring circuit in Austria. Those lucky enough to receive an invitation were able to pilot both six-speed-manual and ZF-automatic equipped versions around the 2.6-mile racetrack. The Manual Gearbox Preservation Society should be happy to hear we’ll have the option to row our own gears–at least for one more generation of M cars.

Much is inherited from the larger M3 and M4, such as the drivetrain and braking systems. With the turbocharged S58 under the hood, the 2023 M2’s performance will be similar to the current M2 CS. Aren’t the best driver’s cars always the ones where the R&D team raids the company’s parts bin?

The M2 does get some of its own optional goodies though. How does a carbon fiber roof and carbon bucket seats sound? BMW says these “reduce weight” and “emphasize the racing look of the new BMW M2.”

Despite the cars wearing camouflage in the press photos, we can see the new M2 looks similar to the current 2 Series, but with more muscular fenders and aggressive front and rear fascia. The interior looks to follow suit with the current 2 Series as well. The world premiere is scheduled for this October, so it won’t be long before we see the new 2023 M2 unwrapped!—Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of BMW]



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