Perhaps “drops” wasn’t the best word to use when referring to a custom motorcycle release, but now that you’re here let’s learn more about this magnificent creation. As you probably guessed, the R 18 Magnifica is based on BMW’s R 18, the cruiser motorcycle BMW introduced in 2020. To add the “Magnifica”, Officine Riunite Milanesi commissioned award-winning Andrea Radaelli of Radikal Chopper to build this wonderful one-off piece of functioning artwork.

BMW Motorrad offers, “The inspiration for the design of the R 18 Magnifica winks at the vintage motorbikes of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s and in particular the BMW R 37. The use of a particular material such as wood is a strong reminder of the motorbikes of the past, which used it for certain details such as the grips; an idea that also came to mind when thinking of the old BMW cars of the 1940s with wooden steering wheels.”

With the exception of the billet wheels, the Magnifica is all hand made with extensive use of brass, aluminum, and wood to achieve Radaelli’s vision. Modifications include a one-piece floating mahogany rear body section with inlaid stainless steel center, custom billet forks, and a revised braking system. I think it has a little bit of a “steampunk” vibe to it.

A stock R 18 comes equipped with a 1,802 cc boxer twin that puts down 91 hp at 4,750 rpm and 116 pound-feet or torque at 3,000 rpm. The Magnifica’s drivetrain is stock, but it’s 200 pounds lighter than a production R18, which weighs about 760 pounds wet. The Magnifica’s significant weight loss would certainly make it easier to pick up if, you know, you dropped it.—Mike Bevels

[Photos courtesy of BMW]



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