When I first read about Joytopia, BMW’s metaverse, I immediately thought of one of my favorite books, Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson.  Despite being written in 1992, Stephenson’s thrilling sci-fi story put together a road map for the virtual world to come.  And now we’re living in it—thankfully without the cyborg pit bulls.

BMW touts that with Joytopia (of course, they put it in screaming all-caps, JOYTOPIA), they have created a “metaverse that takes corporate and brand communication to a new level.  Users can immerse themselves in the virtual world of BMW and collect individual experiences in digital space with their avatar.”

Stefan Ponikva, head of BMW Brand Communication and Experience, said, “Our goal was to create a new brand experience for fans all over the world in parallel to the real motor-show appearance in Munich, expressing BMW’s progressive attitude, innovative strength, and readiness for the future.”

As it’s being used for corporate and brand communication and showing off BMW products, what better global platform to announce the iX1, BMW’s first all-electric, all-wheel-drive compact SAV?  It includes a new digital environment and new special effects for the iX1, in addition to newly available avatar customizations.

Want to learn more about the new X1 and iX1?  Check out our story here.

Perhaps we’ll be seeing more virtual global announcements on this new award-winning platform.  If you’d like to get in on the fun, or perhaps play the role of Hiro Protagonist, check out BMW’s Joytopia metaverse here: www.bmw.com/dreams.—Mike Bevels

Images courtesy of BMW



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