Wagon enthusiasts are alive and well in the U.S.  With fewer wagon options available in the U.S. every year, some have been doing this country a service by importing old wagons from overseas to replenish our dwindling supply.  When I hear news of a truly awesome new wagon coming onto the market, I just assume that we won’t be seeing it here—well, at least for another 25 years or so.

Enter the refreshed 2023 Alpina B3 Wagon—another wagon that won’t be offered for sale in the U.S.  It comes in a sedan chassis as well, but that’s not why you’re here.  You’re here because you saw a wagon in this article’s title image and your immense love of the long-roof kicked in, forcing you to click to find out more.


The Alpina B3 is based on the BMW 3 Series.  The latest B3 inherits the aesthetics, performance, and tech enhancements of the refreshed 3 Series.  In the power department, the B3 gets a bump of 33 horsepower and 22 pound-feet of torque, which takes it to a whopping 495 horses and 538 pound-feet.  That’s enough to propel this estate to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds.  The top speed is 188 mph.  The sedan is slightly quicker, but think about the cool factor you’d be giving up for a measly tenth of a second and two miles per hour.  Doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

In addition to the power increase, the B3 also has Alpina-tuned suspension, Alpina custom interior options, and Alpina-specific bodywork, among a number of other improvements.  It makes for a wonderfully performant and luxurious package.

Excited about the refreshed Alpina B3 wagon (and sedan)?  Great—perhaps you’ll see one on U.S. soil at a Cars & Coffee event in 2047.

Excited about wagons?  Tell us what you drive and post a photo in the comments section below.—Mike Bevels

Photos courtesy of Alpina.



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